Can I use login and password from previous application?

No. You have to create a new account for every application.


How do I register?

When the Visegrad Residency Program is in progress, you register to our application system with your email and password.


I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you already registered to current application program, but can't remeber the password, click "Forgot your password?" link on the main page and follow the instructions.


How do I submit my application?

After you properly fill in our application form and agree to terms and conditions, you should press"Submit" button. This is the final step in applying to Visegrad Fund Application, and after that your profile can no longer be editted.


Can I save my application for later?

Yes. You can save your application form, all data you entered will be stored.
However,this does not equal to submitting application even if your application meets all the requirements.


I am having problems uploading my attachement files.

You can only upload a file that is not bigger than 3MB.
See below for allowed file types:

  • *.jpeg
  • *.gif
  • *.pdf
  • *.zip
  • *.png
  • *.doc
  • *.docx

I successfully submitted my application. What do I do now?

Wait for the results.
After you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email.


I am having problems with my application, and I need support.

Contact us